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Physical Computing: Thoughts, Ideas, Notes & (Indubitably) Questions for the Final Presentation

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Thoughts, Ideas, Notes & (Indubitably) Questions:

– Which images provoke (the most) self-consciousness? Anxiety / irritability / discomfort?

– (Which images provoke the opposite?)

– Surveillance images : gallery space, bathrooms, entrance / exit, street view, POV, ECU

– The piece must hold strong. How to eliminate sensationalism – retain emphasis ?

– Pornography? Abuse? War?

– Is interactivity (i.e. physical computing / electrical engineering) necessary? Might this be overkill?

– Does the point come across without so many technical elements? Or do they enhance it?

– Proximity / motion

– Limitations … (?)

– Conversation or rhetoric?

– Might the piece be stronger with a single user? Or many?

– Too many cameras? Too many TV’s?

– Fluorescent lights, modern arena (think Terence Koh “Meth Face” / whitewashed walls and floors), wires and cables exposed

– Public gallery setting?

– Instagram / social media interaction? Are there too many unharmonious elements?

– Video portraiture… (?)

One thought on “Physical Computing: Thoughts, Ideas, Notes & (Indubitably) Questions for the Final Presentation”

  1. Thanks Jordan, there is a lot of room for play and seriousness at the same time with this project. But be SURE to develop a rigorous interaction scenario, this is the one project requirement as stated on the syllabus: “The interaction should be iterative (according to Crawford’s definition). Don’t just make a system where the user takes one action, the system responds, and it’s over. Make a system where the user sees the system’s response, and takes more action in response, in a continued loop.”

    Aside from interaction being a project requirement, I think it will also enhance your project concept. Part of what makes a surveillance system so unnerving is that there is the implication of interaction– that is, there is the implication of someone on the other side of the camera, watching, perhaps acting, perhaps even interacting. I think this would be relevant to foreground in your installation.

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