Jordan Backhus

Study on Light & Space

Our installation is an aesthetic exercise, using concepts and techniques in both physical computing and computational media. Through the manipulation of physical space, the installation interacts via movement of its user, creating the illusion of travel and, perhaps, disorientation. The experience emphasizes interaction and encourages self-reflection.




-Ultrasonic Range Sensor

– 3D screen: tulle(s), etc.

-13k lumens Panasonic projector

When researching for the setup of our installation, we looked at other visual artists who have used physical mediums alongside their chosen technologies. We were specifically influenced by the work of Olafur Eliasson, a Danish-Icelandic artist known for sculptures and large-scale light installations.

Ex. OLAFUR ELIASSONPasted Graphic 1 Pasted Graphic 2



The Firewall Art Installation by ITP Grad Aaron Sherwood, the Shanghai 2010 World Expo ‘Firefly Lighting’ exhibit by Vincent Moreau and Kevin Riou, and the ‘rAndom International Future Self’ exhibit are among are our inspirations.

1) Front 



2) Side View



3) Computer View


4) 13 K lumens Projector


One thought on “Study on Light & Space”

  1. Gorgeous work! In the end, your project conveyed a clear, immersive vision that implemented notions of interaction beyond the use of sensors– as Kaini pointed out, the piece engages the user regardless of whether he/her interacts with the sensor or not. There was a strong, cohesive intentionality to every choice you made, from the projector, to the visualization and sound, to the use and positioning of screens, which is so important in creating a convincingly immersive installation. As you pointed out, the actual responsiveness of the sensor/technology was a bit lacking, but you clearly have ideas for what to try next if you continue with this project.

    Also check out Bill Viola, i.e.

    Your project feels a bit derivative of some of this and other work, but it’s still an excellent midterm project.

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