Jordan Backhus

The Fungus Among Us

As is my intention for each and every class, I hope that the discourse and content, however unrelated to my artistic or scholastic proclivities, will educate, inform, and/or broaden the horizons of my creative and/or academic endeavors.

In a field so tangential to my previous interests, I expect and hope to confront ways of knowing I’ve previously left aside. Learning mycology means learning ecology: a forager must known which mushroom to expect based on region, climate, season, recent rainfall pattern, the tree overhead, or the soil of the forest floor. Much like the Physician and the Forager, I must learn to diagnose (to distinguish); each identification is, in fact, a diagnostic puzzle. In using those same ancient processes of cognition in identifying the desirable from the deadly, perhaps I will become the Forager, confronting my uniquely human instincts in learning to survive.

I invite the unknown; it’ll surely change the way I see in so many things.

I see that Joao beat me to the punch and posted Sam Taylor Wood’s “A Still Life.” In the same vein, here is the other of the collection. It is entitled “A Little Death.”



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